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Do you as the employer have specific questions regarding the SHBP/SEHBP?

Please note this mailbox is specifically for employer groups and cannot respond to individual inquiries from employees. Employees can contact Aetna at any of the numbers below.

Do your employees have questions on the Aetna medical and dental plans?

  • Member Services: 1-877-STATENJ (1-877-782-8365)

Do your employees have on the Aetna Medicare AdvantageSM Plans?

  • Call 1-866-234-3129

Do your employees have on the Health Savings Account (HSA)?

  • Call 1-866-410-1798

Do your employees have on the dental plans?

  • DPO Member Services: 1‐800‐843‐3661
  • DEP Member Services: 1‐877‐238‐6200

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