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Aetna Member Tools and Resources

Aetna has the tools to help your employees manage their health. These valuable tools and information are available at their fingertips 24/7. Click here to learn more about the member tools that are available to Aetna members.

Aetna Navigator® – Does your employee need a new ID card? Request it through Aetna Navigator!

  • Aetna’s industry-leading secure member website engages & empowers members with information, decision-support tools & personalized resources to help them better manage their benefits & overall health.

Personal Health Record (PHR) – Are your employees tired of always reciting their health history at their provider’s office? We have a solution for you!

  • A secure online catalogue of important member health care facts: doctors, prescriptions, medical tests and more! This is an easy way for your employees to give their health care provider a more complete picture of their health care

DocFind® – Who participates in the Aetna network? We can help you there.

  • Employees can use DocFind to search the Aetna network for doctors, labs, hospitals and more! Aetna networks are among the largest in the country and chances are their physician is already there

Informed Health Line – Sick in the middle of the night and not sure if you should call your doctor? Call the Informed Health Line.

  • Members can talk directly to a registered nurse and get current information on health-related issues – Toll-free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aetna Mobile apps – Your mobile – so are we.

  • Members can now access their ID card, find physicians, check the status of a claim and more through the Aetna mobile app. This provides your employees with easy access to their information whenever they need it.

Aetna SmartSource – Interested in learning more about a particular health condition? Look no further, Aetna’s SmartSource can help you and your employees.

  • A search tool that is the official search engine to help your employees look up conditions, symptoms, illnesses and more. It delivers information that’s specific to the employee, where they live and the Aetna health benefits plan they selected.


Aetna Wellness Programs and Discounts

When your employees enroll in an Aetna health benefits plan, they get access to Wellness Programs and Aetna extras to reach their own level of good health! They pay nothing additional to take advantage of the discounts and programs through Aetna Navigator®. And, they can use them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Aetna ExtrasClick here to learn more about the discounts offered to your employees!

  • Discounts are available on books, fitness, hearing, at home products, weight management and more!

Aetna Wellness Programs Click here to learn more about the discounts offered to your employees!

  • Simple Steps To A Healthier Life
  • Aetna Health Connections
  • Aetna Behavioral Health Program
  • Beginning Right Maternity Program
  • SHBP Retiree Wellness Program (State employees only)
  • CVS MinuteClinic – Wellness Coaching
  • Women’s Preventive Health

Medical and Dental Information for your Employees

The Choice is Yours. Aetna has an array of information that you can use to help inform your employees about the health benefits that are available to them. Whether it is Open Enrollment, for a new hire or just for reference, Aetna can help you with the necessary information to reach your employees.

Click here to view the Aetna Employee site for more specific information on employee plans.




Health and Wellness Communications

We also have communications that can assist you in promoting a healthy workforce. Click on the links below to download communications you can share with your employees.



Health Care Reform

Do you or your employees have questions about Health Care Reform?
As an employer, you need to know how the health care reform law is impacting the health care benefits landscape. The informational resources available through the Aetna Health Care Reform website can help you learn more about how health care benefits are changing because of the law..

Click here to view Aetna’s Health Care Reform website and get the answers you need.

Materials and Meetings

Interested in having a meeting for your employees to help clarify the benefits that are offered to them through the SHBP/SEHBP? Do you need materials for Open Enrollment or new hires?

Aetna has the information that you need to support your members.

Click on the “Request Marketing Materials” button to order the latest Aetna medical guides and dental plan information.

Click on the “Schedule a Meeting” button to have an Aetna representative come to your location and help answer questions for you and your employees.

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